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Pat Mastelotto - KING CRIMSON
"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, Played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects he attains a one-of-a-kind sound. I know critics often like to put music into with David's music that's very difficult to do. "


"Sounds fantastic!! I love it. Congratulations! This is really good and inspiring stuff".

Arve Henriksen - SuperSilent, David Sylvian
"David is a hard working musician, presenting exciting sounds and orchestrations on a long list of releases and projects. I heard this talent in Prague- Inspiring energy to me."

Colin Edwin - Porcupine TREE
"It's not an easy thing to develop a fresh and unique approach to such a popular and well worn instrument as the guitar, but David Kollar certainly manages to bring something new to the table, having both a creative use of effects and also an effective sensibility of where and how to use them. He's capable of extreme restraint, but he also clearly knows how to let rip, as evidenced with the mighty Komara, in short, he's a rare and deadly combination."

Christian Fennesz - (Mike Patton, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto,...)
"Amazing playing and production."



Prepared Guitar - Miguel Copon, founder
"David Kollar is one of the freshest new workers in the post frippian scene, full of oblique ideas extracted from a diversity of backgrounds, cooked with the naturality of a young brained musician with a sheer relationship with almost infinite influences. 



David Torn - (David Bowie, David Sylvian,...)
"I enjoy the Komara recording already, and your playing & approach. Excellent music for me!"

Daniel Ryciak - Jazz w Ruinach festival
"It was one of those concert that we’ll remember for a really long time. It was just a trio, but the sound was so powerful as if the whole orchestra was playing.

Expanding hands music - Kevin Andrews, founder
"I first heard David's guitar work in KOMARA and I thought there were more members in the band than 3. His original and unique style is amazing to hear and watch. David's creativity and skill at improv guitar playing and fx manipulation sounds like 2 guitarists, bass and keyboards at the same time!"


Sid Smith - King Crimson Biography, DGM live
"David Kollar’s thoughtful and often poignant soundscapes on The Son make for impressive and often emotional listening. Amid the shimmering atmospherics there’s also an angsty grit that prevents the album from slipping into the bland or indifferent.

Magdalena Mach
"Vibrating sound, build disturbing, stuffy, atmosphere, pulsating somewhere in the back of the head tension - unobtrusively, but constantly. And they are after this performance the longest."