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The Son R.M.X. 2016 - EP

Mystery Stable 2016

1. Today at 18:00 (feat. Terminal State) 
2. He Woke Up (feat. Terminal State)
3. Im Three I Wanna Sing (feat. Terminal State)
4. Sister Singing (feat. Terminal State) 


Remixes by Thomas Mutina /Terminal State/


Hevhetia 2015 Jun 30


1.Dirty Smelly
2.37 Forms
3.A Collision of Fingerprints
4.She Sat in Black Silt
8.Got Has Left This Place
10.Inciting Incidents

David Kollar - guitar, bass, electronic textures 
Pat Mastelotto - acoustic and electric drums and percussion 
Paolo Raineri - trumpet, vocals and audio mangling 

Adrian Benavides - sound

TOP 20 Prog Mag magazine - Sid Smith

Top 30 albums

OVER THE TOP on Rock Impresions

Ultimate Guitar


The Progressive Aspect

Drummers Zone

Manchester Rocks

97% on TMMP


Antena Rock radio



Boundary-Breaking, Cinematic Industrial Ethno-Rock From King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto and Renowned Avant-Experimentalists David Kollar and Paolo Raineri
Expected 30. Jun 2015 - Pre-Order NOW Limited edition vinyl by Adam Jones from TOOL here -

The Blessed Beat - MiV

Hevhetia 2015 16. august


1. I Feel it in my blood 
2. Doesn’t looks dead to me 
3. Like garbage left in the sink 
4. The First thing to come and the last thing to go 
5. Best fuck I ever had 
6. Just like a mermaid 
7. You’ve been fucking dead women all your life 
8. Only a damn fools falls in love

David Kollar Electric guitar
Simone Cavina Drums, Electronic Textures
Bruno Germano Recording and Mix Engineer
Paolo Raineri Trumpet 



Review in Argentina

Adam Baruch - The Soundtrack of my Life

The Musical Melting POT

Progressive Sphere

Echoes and Dust

Sophisticated, extraordinary trialogue of experienced improvisers creating 
their trans-genre & tranversal musical collage inspired by Charles Bukowski ́s text “The Copulating Mermaid Of Venice”. 
The music here is either massive, uncompromising aggressive (in kind of poly- 
rhythmical and brutal sonic tsunami)

David Kollar - THE SON

Flash is required!
01. In the middle of somewhere
Flash is required!
02. Shine throught the heaven
Flash is required!
04. Take a breath in silence
Flash is required!
05. Today at 18:00
Flash is required!
06. Near that place
Flash is required!
10. Mothers Imploring sight
Flash is required!
11. In the middle of something
Flash is required!
12. He woke UP!!!

Hevhetia 2013

01. In the middle of somewhere
02. Shine throught the heaven
03. Fear and trembling
04. Take a breath in Silence
05. Today at 18:00
06. Near that place
07. Fragmanted self
08. In the boundary of contingency
09. Near that place again
10. Mothers Imploring sight
11. In the middle of something
12. He woke up!!!
13. Playground at 16:37

David Kollar - guitars, bowed mandoline, voice, gamelan
Vocals: Lenka Dusilova & India Czajkowska

TOP Records of The Year - Guitar Moderne Magazine USA
TOP 2013 Ádécouvrir Absolument France
TOP 2013 in Czech and Slovak
Radio Head awards Nomination for The best jazz album Nomination for The best album of the year

All About Jazz
Musik Reviews
Radio Proglas

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The Blessed Beat live in Bologna 2014

Mystery Stable 2014

01. The First Vegan Food
02. Bumblebee shit
03. Bologna pictures
04. Looking for something
05. German Porn Incident
06. Raining in The Winter
07. Killing Vegan

David Kollar - guitars, electronics
Paolo Raineri - trumpet
Simone Cavina - drums, electronics



Flash is required!
1. Prolog
Flash is required!
2. Moving ...
Flash is required!
3. Boyfriend
Flash is required!
4. Tower ft India Czajkowska
Flash is required!
5. Chill
Flash is required!
6. Bonus ambience

David Kollar - FILM WORKS 2011


Mystery Stable 2011


01.  Moving...
02.  Birds... 
03.  Lullaby
04.  Boy friend 
05.  Grand mother 
06.  Distroyed town 2024
07.  Archangel Gabriel
08.  The book of dead
09.  Mothers grave 
10.  Traveling 
11.  Chill ... 
12.  Dead body 
13.  Leaving the flat 
14.  This is the situation 
15.  Tower ft India Czajkowska
16.  Bad dreams 
17.  Old men 
18.  Bonus ambience - mixed tracks 
19.  Following the car 
20.  Shooting
21.  She is a hero 
22.  Again in paradise


All music by David Kollar, vocals by India Czajkowska.

David Kollar Project

Flash is required!
02. Awaker
Flash is required!
04. Periods are changig
Flash is required!
06. Too far to Oslo

Equation of Time

Hevhetia 2011


01.   Origin is lost
02.   Awaker
03.   Equation of Time
04.   Periods are changing
05.   300 km
06.   Too far to Oslo
07.   Dream within a dream
08.   New beginnings ?
09.   Terrible day (cover)
10.   Please read the letter

David Kollar - guitar, Adam Marko - drums, Gergo Baraniy - bass


David Kollar - Film soundtracks and Ideas

Flash is required!
02. The town without people
Flash is required!
03. Meeting with a dead mother
Flash is required!
05. Writting a diary
Flash is required!
13. Herostratos theme 2
Flash is required!
15. The dying soldier with the accordion

Hevhetia 2010

01.   Bullshits on TV
02.   The town without people
03.   Meeting with a death mother
04.   Memmories of the war
05.   Writting a diary
06.   Rock
07.   Bad news
08.   Dreaming...
09.   Coup de Grace
10.   Introduction to Herostratos
11.   Writting the letters
12.   Herostratos theme 1
13.   Herostratos theme 2
14.   Blood on the hands
15.   The dying solier with the accordion
16.   Feeling Blue

All insruments played by David Kollar except piano Dano Spiner, accordion Peter Katina voice by Mikhail Verner.



David Kollar International project

One Night In Budapest
Hevhetia/Hunnia records

DVD concert was recorded on August 8th 2009 at the club TAKE5 in Budapest.
David Kollar - guitar
Adam Marko - drums
Gergo Baranyi - bass





David Kollar Band

Way from East

Hevhetia 2006

1.  ethnology (swing part I)
2.  pig groove
3.  way from east
4.  i fly
5.  sad david
6.  hunting... (swing part II)
7.  happy song (swing part III)
8.  bossa
9.  terrible day

David Kollar - el.guitar, mandolin
Jozef Cingeľ - bass
Jozef Zima - drums
Veronika Rabadová - vocals in BOSSA

David Kollar Band

1.  intro
2.  bossa
3.  milesko davisko
4.  happy song
5.  skofildofka
6.  space song
7.  metličky
8.  rychlofka
9.  free your minds

David Kollar - guitar, syntetizátor
Peter Maník - drums, perkusie
Viliam Cicoň - bass, perkusie
Daniel Špiner - piano