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Kollar, Borlai, Baranyi trio !!!

Short promo video from our first tour in october 2011. [more]


TOWER - Kollar, Czajkowska

India also recorded voices to the song from album Film soundtrack and Ideas released in 2010.[more]


Youtube video from Banska Bystrica.

Kollar, Borlai, Baranyi[more]


The Snow Queen - theater performance.

David created music to theater show THE SNOW QUEEN. Directed by Srdjan Sekicki. Premiere 23.10. 2011, Spišske divadlo, 15:00,  Mystery Stable - film music Production[more]


David Kollar pozýva na koncerty.

David Kollar pozýva na koncerty. [more]


Kollar, Borlai, Baranyi T O U R !!!

Special collaboration tour. David Kollar - guitar, Gergo Baranyi - bass, Gergo Borlai - drums Gergo Borlai played with /Scot Henderson, Scot Kinsey, Hadrien Feraud, Garry Willis, Kaltenecker trio .../ GIGS Borlai video[more]


David Kollar and India Czajkowska live in Bratislava.

David and India will play live music to film on MAFF film festival in Bratislava. They will improvise almost 60min. India is know from several famous movies like [more]


10 rokov vydavateľstva HEVHETIA !

Interview with the boss of HEVHETIA - Jano Sudzina. [more]


David Kollar Project in Hungarian guitar magazine

Interview with David Kollar about EQUATION OF TIME album in famous Hungarian guitar magazine. More


David Kollar Project live in Bratislava.

3.8 2011, 20:00, David Kollar Project live concert in Bratislava. (David Kollar, Adam Marko, Gergo Baranyi) Historicka Radnica (Nádvorie Sv. Jána Nepomuckého v Primaciálnom paláci) Buy tickets [more]