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< New album THE SON released!

Peter Katina about the album THE SON

The album The Son is a personal artistic statement of David Kollar, which offers several levels of meaning. One is the transformation of this Prešov´s jazz guitarist, originally based on dynamic rock expression, to the original author of film and theatre music, up to the uncompromising artistic solo projects, which represent a synthesis of different genres and influences, from the results of cooperation with the Norwegian magician Eivind Aarset through the fragile, thoughtful guitar fantasies, full of philosophical introspection into music, up to the ambient, masterful electroacoustic work with modern achievements of the studio sound. Kollar´s music on the album The Son brings a world of large, "abandoned", industrial sound fields evoking Nordic experimental projects, and also an amount of lyrical moments and pure melodic lines. Individual tracks move in the area of variable, hallucinogenic spaces of gently waving sound, with occasional flavour of nostalgia, melancholy and even oriental exoticism (vocals of India Czajkowska). The stream of static or slowly flowing, dense sonic lava is thus disturbed and activated by the sound of Kollar´s unquiet guitar entries, a listener is awaken from a delirium of the "opium dream" by effects, noises and sudden invasions of painful silence. His music illustrates the intimate story of a real physical pain and searching that at the end of its journey comes to the positive ending. We might wonder if it's creaking doors of hospital rooms, pulsation of apparatus converted to a signal of emergency call for help, or sterile, subdued whispering fulfilling depressive areas of waiting rooms, which Kollar´s analytically merciless sound perspective reflects. Is it the fear of a beloved one´s life, a prayer, or vice versa, a cheeky "Jobian" revolt against his own powerlessness by means of avantguard music? These are beautifully portrayed designs, bright colors mixed with dark undertones of modified sounds and extreme shades, embodying a kind of undercurrent of unconscious and a scream of  music visionary, what captures this large mosaic. Whatever the case, it is the best to get carried away by the music itself, which sounds this story without words ...

Peter Katina, 06/11/2013