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The Blessed Beat recorded and composed album in real time!

David is a part of The Blessed Beat band from Italy. 

Band recorded new album just in one day. All the music is improvised by David Kollar, Paolo Raineri and Simone Cavina. 
Soundengineer was Bruno Germano from Vacuum studio in Bologna - Italy. 

Album will be released in Hevhetia label...[more]


KOMARA live overviews before album release!

KOMARA (Pat Mastelotto, Paolo Raineri and me) is working on very first studio album. 
If you wanna listen to some live overviews from our tour in november 2014 just
Click on our new web page. There are videos, audios, photos and will be future gigs. 



Unfinished stories Soundtrack review!

Review by Miguel Copon from Prepared Guitar blog Spot David reintroduce us again into the mestizo vicinity of image and sound, using the acousmatic provocations from French "Cinéma Pour L'Oreille" cinema for the ear and Andrey...[more]


Unfinished Stories soundtrack Pre-order!

Unfinished stories takes the viewer to the eastern rural part of Slovakia and reveals the story of headstrong group of people that try to make their own way with skateboarding and fight the lack of platform for riding in their surroundings by building DIY spots. "It’s impossibly good.  When I am in a bad mood I...[more]


Prepared Guitar Magazine review after KOMARA TOUR!

"David Kollar is one of the freshest new workers in the post frippian scene, full of oblique ideas extracted from a diversity of backgrounds, cooked with the naturality of a young brained musician with a sheer relationship with almost infinite influences.  Real life soundtracks, non lineal and independent fugues,...[more]



"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock...[more]


KO-MA-RA short overview from Improvised gig.

KO-MA-RA is Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson, Paolo Raineri and me. 
This is short overview from our 3th improvised gig. 



"David is one of the most modern and progressive artists of this age"

Prepared Guitar blog spot said
"David is one of the most modern and progressive artists of this age"
"As the founder of the Y2K14 International Live Looping Festivals (now in 28 cities in 11 countries worldwide) and a live looping artist who has headlined festivals as a...[more]


David Kollar Invitation for KO-MA-RA tour.

KOMARA Tour is coming soon! Short video invitation in Slovak language. Recorded by Jaris in my studio.
More infos in TOUR [more]


Pat Mastelotto KO-MA-RA tour 1. invitation

The drummer of King Crimson /Pat Mastelotto/ is a member of our new project called KO-MA-RA - me, Paolo Raineri and Pat Mastelotto.
Here is his first invitation.