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Eivinds Aarset Dreams Logic and David Kollar!!! >
< David Kollar, Tadeusz Sudnik & India Czajkowska

David is made music for physical theatre DEBRIS Company!

David is making music for physical theatre DEBRIS.

Name: Kolísky_Battlezone

Music: David Kollar/Jozef Vlk

Premiere 20. october, Elledanse theater Bratislava

Director: Jozef VLK


David is making music for physical theatre DEBRIS.

About Debris Company

Theatrical company Debris (originated based on Hubris company by Jozef Vlk) exists and has been creating for fifteen years already, with interruption in 1999 - 2004. The main expressional mean of company focused mostly on classical themes was in the most part non-verbal approach to these (Process/Kafka, Gospel in accordance with Mark/J. L. Borgés, Ullyses/Joyce, King Ubu/Jarry, S. Beckett/Murphy, Breath, etc.). Later on, the company was becoming oriented on authorial testimonies. The theatre has produced more than sixteen performances during the time of its existence.