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David is made music for physical theatre DEBRIS Company! >
< David created music to hybrid performance NO EXIT.

David Kollar, Tadeusz Sudnik & India Czajkowska

New live electronic international project.

6.10. Festival FÚZIE, Bojnice /SK/


Tadeusz Sudnik born. in 1955 in Warsaw, for over ten years working in the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, where he recorded electronic music, theater, film and ballet. At the same time touring throughout Europe and recorded with renowned jazz musicians such as team Freelectronic - Tomasz Stanko in the 80's. For many years worked with the Warsaw Autumn Festival and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music. He composed music for the Grand Theatre for ballet "Night Landscape". He designed the sound for Double Heartpiece Opera staged in the gallery, "The Kitchen" in New York. He is interested in playing live on analog synthesizers, electronic devices grooveboxie and transformative, uses natural sound effects, creating a small studio on stage. He took part in the final concert project of Tomasz Stanko "Peyotl3". In 2003 he made a record and made a European tour with the band Amusos Adam Pierończyk and played with a team of Transylvania, with musicians from around the world (Berliner ensemble Composer), led by drummer Maurice de Martin (Berlin). In 2004 he toured with renewed formation Freelectronic Tomasz Stanko. Currently, the duo founded SUDODUD with saxophonist Tomasz Duda. Currently playing in bands, "Digivooco" Adam Pierończyk with Gary Thomas, "Park Gun" with Włodek Kiniorski, "Analogics" with Wojciech Konikiewicz, "Impossible Figures Concerto" with Andrew Mitan, "Interaction" with Krzysztof Knittel and "Joined Forces" with Paul Prochnowski (Canada). In addition, he played with Sonny Sharock, Peter Giger, to Um Romao, Apostolis Anthimos, Helmut Nadolski, Andrew Przybielski, Gunnar Geise and many others.




India Czajkowska is a vocalist, composer and pianist. The music she creates is partly based on classical instruments combined with the experimental elements of electronics, computers, and sonoristic sounds. India is interested in vocal experiments, with sonoristic aspects and creating electronical soundscapes with voice. She also uses prepared piano and she works with some modern concepts of improvised music that are definitely connected with chamber acoustic sound and electronic musical influences The contemporary improvised music and interdisciplinary performans connected with movement and video-art is one of the main interests of her artistic activity. In October 2008 her experimental/avant-garde album COSMOSPIR was released by the label Hic Sunt Leones, Milano (Italy) And in 2009/2010 she created a multimedial performance Cosmospir-Summum (video, Butoh dance, analogue visuals ) One of her last improvised project is MERMAGO-Trio with Ryszard Latecki (trumpet) and Maciek Cierlinski (hurdy-gurdy, loop station) ,the album was released in 2010 by Obuh Records. She recorded also the album The Book of Time with Ensemble Elektra from New York which is World Jazz Fusion group lead by violinist Elektra Kurtis. As improvising vocalist India cooperated two years with DRUM FREAKS from Poland perfoming world music (the live album in 2000,Polskie Radio SA) HIPNAGOG that was a group created with percussionist Tomek Choloniewski, Marek Choloniewski-composer of electronical music, and the guitarist, Marcin Dymiter As a guest musician she appeared on the Lux Occulta's album presenting trip-hop songs (The Mother And The Enemy, 2001, Maquiavel Music Entertainement, Portugal ),the album Circo Divino (2010) with Alio Die/Parallel Worlds. Other cooperations: Tadeusz Sudnik (live electronics), Le Plastique Mystification, dark ambient mixed/down tempo Ukrainian group, Orbita Żoliborz, Von RAMM,