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The Blessed Beat album release and Review in Argentina!

The Blessed Beat is going to release first album called MiV - Mermaid in Venice /Hevhetia records/ 16. august 2015

David Kollar, Paolo Raineri and Simone Cavina.

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Trauma, excess, violence and necrophilic sex. Charles Bukowski, an extravagant writer born in Germany, exposes this words perfectly in their stories. He is considered as one of the precursors of the "dirty realism" literature genre. After 20 years of his dead, their books keeps inspiring for readers. In this case, we' re going to talk about a musical album inspired in The Copulating Mermaid of Venice, content in The Most Beautiful Woman's book.
Coming August, 16th, The Blessed Beat, a band conformed by David Kollar, Paolo Raineri and Simone Cavina will release their debut album, Mermaid In Venice. A totally instrumental album: guitar, trumpet, drums. That's it.
We can hear Kollar and Raineri the last month with KOMARA, with Pat Mastelotto. And if you like that, this will like you too. This time Simone Cavina is on the drums and electronic textures. A great musician that distinguish all along the songs.
Trumpeter leads the improvisations to another level. Is the one who extracts all the conventional, to result in a constant transmutation of genres and offer a great collection of styles: jazz passages are mixed with the most massive and distorted sounds. Their avant-rock is primordial.
By the way, the guitarist is responsable for carrying all along. For moments he take the rhythm role, and for moments he takes the leading role, as in "Doesn't look dead to me" and "Best Fuck I Ever Had". He's an extrovert performer and his instrument sound gets thousands of alternatives.
As the text of Bukowski, the music does not attempt to illustrate the story exhaustively, but can acclimate to listeners what the writer conveys: a tight, dense and uncomfortable atmosphere. There climate of asylum, where the instruments seem possessed by schizophrenia, and then comes the calm, with light sounds coming impatient, filled with anxiety the listener.
The artwork was created by Peter Kocak, Slovak artist known for his work and paintings focused on Chinese symbols. A clear contrast with the dark composed and recorded in real time LP. An adventurous soundtrack, whose travel there to experience, but, as Kollar said, "is deep music, concentration is needed."