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Film Stanko heading for cinemas.

Slovakian film /music by David Kollar/ in the cinemas from 19. april 2016

"Stanko years live on Italian farms. Lies and unkept promises him but caught up in a situation where he has no one wants to borrow money.By Paola former breadwinner gets a last chance. Ride a girl from Slovakia to Italy. Stanko idea and then do not even want to know how the girl would turn out. Must accomplish the task. It is determined to at least once in their life to do something properly. The road, however, he unexpectedly complicated. The girl who he had only serve as a means to happiness, he befriends.Story from the present in the genre tragicomic road movie inspired by the life of real people. The story touches the issue of trade in girls, but talking primarily about friendship and Universal pute between two people from the margins of society.