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Film Stanko heading for cinemas.

Slovakian film /music by David Kollar/ in the cinemas from 19. april 2016
"Stanko years live on Italian farms. Lies and unkept promises him but caught up in a situation where he has no one wants to borrow money.By Paola former breadwinner gets a last chance. Ride a girl from Slovakia to Italy. Stanko idea and then...[more]


Radio Head awards nomination.

David and The Blessed Beat are nominated on Radio Head awards for the best album of 2015.  More info here: More about The Blessed Beat -[more]


David is composing music for Theater in Poland

Cos w Rodzaju Milosci by Arthur Miller

Directed by Martyna Lyko
Music by David Kollar Premiere 27-28. february 2016 Tetr im. Wandy Rzeszow POLAND[more]


Colin Edwin from Porcupine Tree about David.

"It's not an easy thing to develop a fresh and unique approach to such a popular and well worn instrument as the guitar, but David Kollar certainly manages to bring something new to the table, having both a creative use of effects and also an effective sensibility of where and how to use them. He's capable of extreme...[more]


KOMARA and FOO FIGHTERS in MusinCanta radio show!

KOMARA with Foo Fighters and others on Music Santa radio show in Italy. 8.12.15 at 22:00 "Domani Musincanta sempre in onda assieme a loro
22:00, [more]


Komara on Top albums of the year with Muse, Marilyn Manson, Gavin Harrison, Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, ... !!!

2015 has been a big year, soundtracked by a slew of spectacular albums. Picking an overall favourite was a pretty stressful task – and in the end, Jon Gomm’s gorgeous collection of live fan picks and what is, in my opinion, the definitive modern-day Joe Satriani album both had to go on top. Deciding who...[more]


5/5 starts for The Blessed Beat MIV album.

"Indecent wonder from an international trio who can raise and rouse the dead and get away with it.
Every chord is sacred, unless it holds a tritone, but this band base their melodic flow on bliss of a peculiar kind. There’s often beauty in the eye of the beholder and Charles Bukowski’s “The Copulating Mermaid in...[more]


Part of Expanding hands music!

"I first heard David's guitar work in KOMARA and I thought there were more members in hte band than 3. His original and unique style is amazing to hear and watch. David's creativity and skill at improv guitar playing and fx manipulation sounds like 2 guitarists, bass and keyboards at the same time!" Kevin...[more]


Two award-winnings for COMEBACK film in one week!

1. Comeback won the International Competition of International Documentary Film Festival CinéDOC -Tbilisi, Georgia.
2. Comeback has won The Main Prize for The Best Foreign Film at 3rd. International Film Festival Olsztyn "Prison Movie" in Poland. "The Good Villain Statuette" was handed to the...[more]