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David on new Steven Wilson album!

David has participated on 3 songs on Steven Wilson upcoming album Steven Wilson "After many months of writing and recording, I’m pleased to finally announce details of my new album To The Bone, and a major European tour in early 2018 which includes a return to many of my favourite venues, including London’s...[more]


Award for the best film Score!

David was nominated by TV and film academy for the best soundtrack of 2016. Music to Stanko film.  [more]


Premiere in Szczecin in Poland

David prepared the music for the theatrical play child. He used a modular synth and guitar. It was the second collaboration with a young Polish director Martyn Lyko. Premiréra will 01/06/2017 at Teatro Współczesny in Szczecin in Poland. [more]


Book: Notes I, Alchemy of success and lost with Cd is out!

Notes I. its a selection of daily newspapers, which I am writing since 2005. In the beginning was my need to record the moment feelings, experiences and experiences, gradually it became a habit. My diaries serve as a mirror to look inside me, in my neighborhood, as a chance to gain self-reflection, to move further and not...[more]


DaT as opening act Before Tony Levin.

DaT - David Kollar and electro musician Tomas Mutina from Terminal State will be opening act for Tony Levin Stickem 23. october 2016, Sono Centrum, Brno /CZ/[more]


The Son album Remix by Terminal State!

Its three years ago I have released this solo album. Album has changed my musical career. Music is used in 4 films and 5 theater performances. 
Listen to Remix here[more]


Film Stanko heading for cinemas.

Slovakian film /music by David Kollar/ in the cinemas from 19. april 2016
"Stanko years live on Italian farms. Lies and unkept promises him but caught up in a situation where he has no one wants to borrow money.By Paola former breadwinner gets a last chance. Ride a girl from Slovakia to Italy. Stanko idea and then...[more]


Radio Head awards nomination.

David and The Blessed Beat are nominated on Radio Head awards for the best album of 2015.  More info here: More about The Blessed Beat -[more]


David is composing music for Theater in Poland

Cos w Rodzaju Milosci by Arthur Miller

Directed by Martyna Lyko
Music by David Kollar Premiere 27-28. february 2016 Tetr im. Wandy Rzeszow POLAND[more]


Colin Edwin from Porcupine Tree about David.

"It's not an easy thing to develop a fresh and unique approach to such a popular and well worn instrument as the guitar, but David Kollar certainly manages to bring something new to the table, having both a creative use of effects and also an effective sensibility of where and how to use them. He's capable of extreme...[more]